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Modern digital and IT support

As an experienced digital founder, I started Cogs and Springs as an alternative for ambitious service businesses looking to improve their IT today and innovate their digital tomorrow.

We work exclusively with a small cohort of like-minded clients to ensure we deliver deep and lasting value with a clear purpose.

Roberto Simi - Founder and CEO
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Your managed service provider
Shift into top gear by simplifying your IT and standardising your processes using modern cloud based IT services.
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To get you started as a digital savvy business we take charge of your IT systems moving you towards a modern remote friendly setup. Allowing your team to connect, collaborate and work seamlessly and securely on any device from anywhere.

A service desk responding to user and device issues.

Remote monitoring and management of all laptops and mobile phones.

A modern cyber security approach to protect your people, devices, apps, and data wherever they are.

Onboarding and offboarding remote users and devices including managing storage and logistics.
Your digital advisor
Leap ahead with a digital-first mindset to develop new, innovative products that connect people, technology, and business opportunities.
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When your IT systems are working like clockwork you can start to explore the opportunities that technology can make to your business. And we can be right there with you, guiding you as your digital advisor.

Strategic technology input at your leadership planning days.

Managing technology briefings, scope, feasibility and vendor selections.

Supporting your technology credentials during pitches to your prospects.

IT policy, compliance and data protection guidance.

Process and automation/AI reviews and updates.

Everything everywhere all at once

It all moves overwhelmingly fast.

For many smaller and traditional companies, innovative use of technology is not a core part of their operations.

Whereas big business and agile newcomers have already moved beyond digital transformation. Digital, data and AI are intrinsically woven into the very fabric of their businesses.

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It's hard to keep up.

Expertise and experience are scarce, and budgets are ever more stretched.

Which means that effective and innovative use of technology remains at the fringe of your business leaving you stuck with:
Duplicated inaccurate data
Disconnected array of cloud apps
Error prone manual processes
Over reliance on costly human resource
Frustrated fire-fighting teams  
Dwindling demand for outdated services
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It's time to move on up

Prepare for the long term by adopting a digital-first mindset supported by Cogs and Springs.

Become a lean digital savvy business, ready to pounce on opportunities and pick the best employees from a new generation.

Enjoy a smoother path to growth with joined up processes, clarity, efficiency and data driven decisions that are right first time.

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This is a fundamental shift in the way most businesses think about technology.

It moves from a reactive approach where technology is used to fix specific problems, often driven by certain individuals, often isolated within siloed functions and things just don’t join up.

In digital-first companies, technology becomes a core part of doing business:

Vision and strategy: It starts from the leadership team – with clear a direction that technology needs to be at the heart of the business.

Core business processes: This cascades into rethinking step by step how technology can streamline, automate and execute your operations better.

Customer and employee experiences: Mapping the journeys people take and using digital thinking can alleviate pain points and create more memorable experiences.

Analyse and learn: Data is at the heart of a digital approach. By tracking and analysing every aspect, processes and experiences can be fine-tuned so you are always improving.

Collaboration and communication: Empowered teams that work together and continually iterate make broader and better technology decisions that work for the whole company.

This can be a significant undertaking that can require a rethink of all aspects of the business. Shifting to digital-first mindset though, brings the rewards of a leaner, more agile business that’s ready to meet the challenges of the future.

Managing your daily IT operations
with low-cost access to senior digital expertise

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More productive remote teams

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Reduced administration cost

Team meeting in a glass walled modern office

Better decision making

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Enhanced client perception

"For over 30 years I have been helping businesses move to a digital-first mindset and I have seen the challenges they face.

To succeed in putting digital at the heart of their business, we work closely with a small cohort of clients, so we gain a deeper understanding of the value they create."

Roberto Simi - Founder and CEO
Photo of Roberto Simi Founder and CEO of Cogs and Springs

Clients trusting us to support their IT operations and digital innovation

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Service plans

Features that are designed around the needs of growing service businesses. Get your cogs turning with the right IT infrastructure and organised internal comms for a modern business and then spring ahead with the technology expertise you need for growth.


Get in shape with the basics, perfect for a remote based team

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Service desk with a documented SLA
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Laptop and phone remote monitoring and management
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Zero trust cyber security to protect people, devices, apps, and data
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Configuration and support for all Microsoft services
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Easy IT onboarding of remote based users including logistics and branded packaging
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Collect and refresh existing IT from leavers back into storage
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Free disposal of old devices with certificate
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Six-month reviews


Take a step up with more productivity and resilience

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All Essential PLUS:
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Comprehensive daily local backups of Microsoft data
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Management of a well organised shared document library and user permission groups
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Storage and inventory management of IT devices with web-based asset tracker
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Setup and manage our approved HR business system
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Maintain web-based company information, contact directory, org chart, email signatures and distribution lists
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Maintain web-based access to brand guide, brand assets and document templates
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Company meeting participation and regular IT advice on internal message channels
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Cyber Essentials accreditation and maintenance
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Management of website design agency and your domains
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Quarterly reviews


Start moving forward with more integration and security

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All Proactive PLUS:
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Senior technology advisor joins your leadership team as a fractional CTO
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Strategic technology input at leadership planning days – reimagine services, transform operations
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Setup and manage integrated technology stack for HR, Accounting, Sales
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Facilitated configuration and first line support for all agreed 3rd party apps
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IT policy creation and management
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On demand one-to-one IT, app and automation advice for managers and team leaders
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Regular reviews of standard operating procedures and advice on automation/efficiencies

Switch credits

If you have less than 3 months left on an existing IT support contract we will credit your account for the fee you have remaining

Getting started

Once you are happy that we are a good match we will take you through 3 easy steps to get you started.



We will assess your current setup and present you with a plan of action for the next 12 months.



We add your people, devices and services to our systems and we begin proactive management.



We implement your action plan whilst managing the day to day of your IT with a quarterly face to face review.

What makes us different?

We only work with a small group of clients as we want to develop deep, long-term win-win partnerships that go beyond managing day to day operations and become transformative.

We reinvest our profits into co-creating innovative solutions with our client partners to propel their business, give their people more opportunities and reduce their impact on the planet.

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Many managed service providers and digital consultancies are driven solely by their need to maximise profits – doing the bare minimum, pressuring low paid, undertrained junior staff to feign expertise and pushing ideas and services that serve their needs not yours.

We believe in a different way.

We are driven by our purpose to use technology for good.

We are technologists first and foremost. Whilst sustainable profits are of course critical we exist for more than this – our satisfaction comes from the new things we create. We use our problem solving skills to develop products that we co-invest in with our long-standing client partners.